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Solar-assisted Photoelectrolysis of Biorenewable Chemicals


Conversion of biomass-derived chemicals in a photoelectrochemical cell (PEC) is potentially one of the most environmentally-friendly chemical production routes available, which takes advantage of renewable carbon sources from the earth, renewable photons from the sun, and renewable electricity from wind, geothermal, or photovoltaic sources. We are working on the development of novel photoanodes and electrocatalysts, understanding of the relationship between composite structure/morphology/interface and catalytic functions (solar efficiency, catalyst selectivity, activity and durability), acquiring new knowledge of photoelectrochemical oxidation of organic mediators (for example, TEMPO) for homogeneous oxidation of biorenewable compounds, and the development of pioneering biomass-PEC technology. This is research is collaborated with Prof. Panthani at ISU.  Read our new paper here.

Sponsor: ISU-Bailey Award

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