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Welcome to Dr. Wenzhen Li's Research Lab at Iowa State University!


We are a group of researchers passionate about understanding the mechanisms of important electrochemical transformations of small molecules for potential energy, environmental and agricultural applications. The acquired new understandings and insights will enable us to explore novel electrochemical materials, and more efficient processes and devices (electrolyzers, fuel cells, and batteries). Our current research activities include development of advanced electrocatalysts, electrochemical conversion of biomass feedstock to chemicals and fuels, ammonia electrosynthesis, carbon dioxide capture and reduction, innovative electrolysis systems for hydrogen production, and paired electrolyzer design. Our interdisciplinary research is at the interface of electrocatalysis science and engineering, with a core research strength in the design of electrochemical flow cells.

In Spring 2024, we will meet 10:10 AM on Mondays in BRL Conference Room 1140H.  We welcome graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in catalysis, fuel cells, electrolyzers, biorenewables and energy research to join us.  Go Cyclones!


Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering

617 Bissell Rd.

Iowa State University

Ames, IA 50011-1098 




Dr. Wenzhen Li

Office: 2140 BRL

Phone: (515) 294-4582


Last Updates: 1/9/2024

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